Thom Hartman: We're Being Ignored by The Corporate Media

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We're Being Ignored by The Corporate Media
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If you want to know who controls the corporate media, just pay
close attention to the issues that they refuse to talk about. A new
study by Media Matters shows that over the last six months, there has
been almost no coverage of the Trans Pacific Partnership on the major
networks. Last week, hundreds of organizations - which represent tens
of millions of members - signed a letter to Congress calling on them to
stop the TPP. Yet, that letter was ignored by the corporate news media.
Before that, at least 50 groups took part in a massive campaign
called, but we didn't hear a word about it on the
major networks. The same goes for the fight to restore Net Neutrality,
and nation-wide vigils against the Keystone XL pipeline. Millions of
people are already involved in these growing campaigns, but the
so-called mainstream media continues to ignore any movement that could
stand in the way of corporate profits. These networks aren't
mainstream, they blatantly refuse to talk about the issues that millions
of Americans want covered.
Just like we saw with anti-Iraq War protests... this is what
happens when the companies that own our news media also profit off of
building bombs. They have a personal interest in downplaying the size
of the opposition. We can't depend on corporations that want to profit
off a pay-for-play internet to provide honest coverage about Net
Neutrality. And, we won't hear about the TPP on networks owned by
mufti-national corporations. Millions of people are getting involved
and getting active about these issues, and they're going to keep
fighting, even if they're ignored by the corporate media.