Why Did Fox News Cease ALL Coverage Of The Las Vegas Tea Party Cop Killers?

Posted at Daily KOS


There are some obvious reasons why Fox would skew their reporting and
ultimately remove this story from their news coverage. And all of them
represent biases that are a long-standing part of what can be called the
Fox News Creed: Racism, Guns, Anti-Government, and Tea Party.

First of all, the perpetrators are not who Fox's racist producers
typically profile as terrorists. Rather than being brown-skinned,
Muslim, foreigners, the Millers are white Christians from Indiana. So
not only would it run counter to Fox's philosophy to implicate the
Millers in terrorism, it would offend their 90% white, right-wing

Secondly, the issue raises concerns about access to dangerous
firearms. The NRA constituency at Fox is loathe to focus on such events
that make the public uncomfortable with the wild west society that is
favored by the gun fetishists and right-wingers who program and watch
the network. Fox avoids or downplays most stories about gun violence,
but jumps on any report that they can frame as an Obama attempt to
repeal the Second Amendment.

Thirdly, Fox is well known for promoting some of the very same
political ideologies as the Millers. They have featured guests who
advocate secession from the United States, as well as armed resistance
to federal law and authorities. An example of that is the recent Cliven
Bundy affair where Jerad Miller just happened to show up threatening to
use "the language of violence" against representatives of the
Bureau of Land Management. Fox has also hyped Republican leaders, like
Texas governor Rick Perry, who have made public statements that come
just short of declaring secession.

Finally, the Millers' association with Tea Party groups is something
that Fox will work vigorously to excise from the public discourse. The
Millers were supporters of the biggest Koch brothers-bankrolled Tea
Party organizations (Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks), and
openly espoused their anti-government views. It was only a matter of
time before people who came to rallies with signs that said "We Came Unarmed - THIS TIME,"
would keep their promise of violence. Of course, Fox News also supports
the same groups and views, and has been instrumental in creating and
promoting the Tea Party. In fact, there would be no Tea Party without
Fox News. Consequently, Fox is not going to risk alienating such a
critical part of their audience.