From Daily Kos: Networks won't air presidential address because they consider it too 'political'

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Eight years ago, President George W. Bush delivered a prime time address on immigration, carried by all the big broadcast networks.
On Thursday, President Barack Obama will do the same thing, but three of the broadcasters, ABC, NBC, and CBS have signaled that they won't be carrying it.
It's not that changes in immigration policies that may affect a few million people isn't news, then, since it was news in the Before Times. It's just that this time around it's just so "political."
And so our national press trundles on. The president's actions on immigration are political because the Republicans have shouted very loudly that they are political, thus rendering the president's statements on those actions themselves political, compared to the same actions and speeches by other presidents, and we didn't become guardians of the nation's discourse in order to cover politics. That's public radio crap.